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it seems that the devil never takes a day off!

is he ever out on sick leave? not! lol!!!

it’s happened to me…

just when i get all dressed up and i grab my favorite pair of imani earrings the freaking post back separates from the earring! wtf! there’s no way i am changing my fabulous outfit! and these are the perfect earrings, i’m not about to wear another pair!!!

if this has ever happened to you, this blog is for you. please remember that what i’m suggesting in this video is a temporary fix. i suggest you get them to me when you can so i can use a more suitable adhesive.

one way to prevent this “earring injury“ from happening is to transport your earrings in a sturdy box. carry your earrings in something that doesn’t allow anything to rub against the post back.

this is why we use the plastic ziplock bags before we box your earrings. we suggest you travel with them in our imani gift boxes. even using a small plastic food container to transport your earrings is better than just dropping them in your handbag, or god forbid, your pocket.

i hope this was helpful. love you❣️


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