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THE NEXT CHAPTER… IMANI JEWELRY MOVES TO MEXICO!!! in case you haven’t heard by now… we’re moving

we’re moving to mexico!!!

i’m sure you have questions. lol.


where in mexico?

how do i shop the collection?

what about the studio in atlanta?

how will you handle shipping?

what if i need my jewelry repaired?

are you still going to host your annual shows?

how will i stay in touch with you.

here are the answers...

we are moving at the end of march 2024. we are starting out in playa del carmen (near cancun). not quite sure where we will end up.

we have closed the studio in atlanta. stay tuned for the opening of the studio in mexico!

you can shop for imani jewelry on our website.

there are stores and sales representatives that will continue to carry the line. the listing of stores is on this website. contact us directly for our sales representatives in nyc.

your packages will be shipped from the united states, so you will receive your beauties with the same expediency and for the same shipping costs.


we will forward details about where to ship your repairs. it will be a new york address. i will be back and forth to the states to take care of your repairs.

and YES, we will be back for our annual customer appreciation bbq in harlem, as well as hosting our annual virtual shows.

please download the whatsapp app so we can text, talk and video chat.

my phone number is the same. 718-440-5279

we look forward to taking you with us on this next adventure of the imani jewelry journey!

we thank you and we love you to forever!!!


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