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imani jewelry’s world revolves around our customers! we love and appreciate you all. each connection is special and unique. in honor of our goal to make sure our customers always feel heard and appreciated, we’ve decided to answer all of the questions that you’ve always wanted to ask us about imani jewelry. do you have a question that you want answered?! submit your question in the box below.


Q. where does the inspiration for your designs come from?

A. it comes from everywhere, it can be anything, sometimes it’s nature, sometimes it can be two beads laying next to each other on the table that inspire us. client requests often inspire collections as well.


Q. where do you get the stones and other materials that you use to make your magnificent jewelry?

A. we’ve been collecting stones, shells and beads for the last 30 years. we’ve established relationships with international importers.


Q. how long does it take to make a pair of earrings?

A. it can take anywhere from five minutes to five days to design a pair of earrings. it depends on our mood, the cooperation of the materials, how inspired we are, the time of day, the position of the moon.


Q. after being in business for over 30 years, how do you stay inspired?

A. we always want to top ourselves; we always want to make a collection that’s more exotic and outlandish than the last collection. sometimes we’ll even take a basic piece that we’ve created and trick it out to be something even more extraordinary.


Q. how did you come up with the concept of mix match earrings?

A. we’ve always been drawn to natural stones and shells. working with the organic shapes that are in nature, makes it difficult to find exact matching shapes, so we began making single earrings which led to making asymmetrical pairs.


Q. do you dye the leather yourself?

A. sometimes.


Q. do you design your pieces from sketches or just freeform as you go?

A. no, we don’t use sketches. our designs go from our souls, to our hands, to your heart.


Q. what is the most challenging aspect of coming up with new designs?

A. the universe has always gifted us with inspiration, so there’s never really a deficit of creativity. the most challenging aspect for us is finding the time to sit down and bring these creations to life.


Q. who’s the biggest celebrity to wear your items?

A. you!

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