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how to rock your neckpieces... unapologetically

Updated: Dec 27, 2018

if you know me, you know that i’ve been collecting and stacking bangles for years. it’s my thing. what you may not have noticed, is that i also stack my neckpieces!

anyone can wear a necklace, yeah, yeah, yeah. we’ve all done it. but when you dare to expand thinking, your current jewelry wardrobe expands exponentially!

nice neckpiece. yeah, yeah, we all agree.

now double the pleasure, double the fun. (this may work best for those that don’t wanna show cleavage. i, on the other hand, am grateful to have some cleavage. lol!)

add another one. notice how the size of the shell decreases as we add another neckpiece.

that’s a general rule. feel free to break it.

wth! yep! i added a really funky leather neckpiece at the top for ultimate drama!

you can do it too!

go get your neckpieces out and play around.

the trick to “over accessorizing” is not giving a damn!

i don’t!

express yo beautiful self! ready to be unapologetic? shop cowrie neckpieces & more:

note: pants designed by tribal truths, nyc

photography by the lens goddess

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Khem Irby
Khem Irby
2023년 6월 20일

Good hack, but I just grab another imani earring because they don match and folk expect it!

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