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imani jewelry's first blog post! yaaaay!

welcome to our very first imani jewelry blog post!

we are soooo excited about this blog/vlog! for most of the past 34 years, we've written the imani jewelry newsletter as a way of keeping you up on latest styles, events and all things imani.

the fascinating aspect of this platform is that it is in full color and in motion!

what you can look forward to in the imani jewelry blog:

*introduction to new designs and how to style them *color palettes *inspiration for the collections *healing properties of stones *history and origin of symbols used in our work *crazy, funny imani stories *event save the dates *vip (very imani people) specials *how to curate your imani jewelry collection (what colors do you have? which pieces are you adding next?) *how to travel with your jewelry *how to display your jewelry at home *how to keep your jewelry in mint condition

finally, in each blog post we'll feature the symbolic meaning of the healing properties of the stones used in our work!


peace and love

imani jewelry

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